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Email sent to the schools

Hi I was wondering if you could help us as we are doing a campaign as part of our course , we have chosen young people and politics and are focusing on why young people don’t vote , and persuading them to vote when they are of age. We are looking for a specific school (school with sixth form) where we can hold our campaign. If you could help us in terms of letting us hold our campaign at your school that would be much appreciated.

The dates we are looking to have our campaign are:

· April 8th 2011

· April 15th 2011

· April 22nd 2011

(They all fall on a Friday)

Yours sincerely

Natalie Manu

Schools I have contacted

Haringey Sixth Form Centre

White Hart Lane Tottenham London N17 8HR 020 8376 6000

Hornsey School for Girls

Inderwick Road

Crouch End

London N8 9JF

Telephone 020 8348 6191

Fax 020 8340 1214

Alexandra Park School

Bidwell Gardens London N11 2AZ

Phone: 020 8826 4880

Fax: 020 8888 2236



Sixth Form -Yr 12 / 13 Tetherdown Muswell Hill London N10 1NE Tel: 020 8365 4453 Fax: 020 8442 1790

Gladesmore Community School

Crowland Road Tottenham London N15 6EB Tel: 020 8800 0884

Fax: 020 8809 8500 Office: General enquiries

Greig City Academy

High Street Hornsey N8 7NU

T: 020 8609 0100 F: 020 8609 0101

Park view school

Langham Road Tottenham London N15 3RB

Telephone: 020 8888 1722 Fax: 020 8881 8143 Email:

Winchmore School

Laburnum Grove

Winchmore Hill

London N21 3HS

Tel: 020 8360 7773

Fax: 020 8360 8409


Nightingale Academy

Turin Road Edmonton London N9 8DQ

Telephone 020 8443 8500 Fax 020 8372 0303

Principal: Mrs Jane Willis

This is the website I used in order to get contact details for north London schools

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