Tshirts and Flyers
  • Tshirts and Flyers!
  • Putting flyers around campus
  • T-shirts!!

Handing out Flyers at Oakwood + Trent Park

  • Thea and Diana with the flyers
  • Hanging flyers all around
  • Odetta handing out flyers to people coming from the bus
  • the whole group! (missing Maddo)
  • Odetta handing out more flyers
  • We were even on the front page of the Metro!!

Powerpoint for schools + presentation at Uni

Screen shot 2011-04-28 at 11.28.42

letter sent to the MUD magazine to create publicity for our campaign.


letter sent to the MUD magazine

pasting flyers in woodgreen hall

  • pasting flyers in woodgreen hall
  • woodgreen halls 2

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