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Week 14 Minutes

Who attended in seminar: Jason, Artur, Ali, Rochelle, Egija

Next Week: Jason will bring in ideas concerning the issue of smoking and young children. This will involve notes and images, plus a decision of choosing which campaign issue will have to be agreed on.

Final Initial Campaign ideas

  • The Venus Project

Issue and aim of campaign: To inform and promote the Venus project to the general public, discussing matters on living in world without money where the future society would have a greater chance of sustaining a secure future. Video clips documenting the Venus Project found on YouTube, provide a greater and detailed understanding of this project.

(This campaign regarding the Venus Project was cancelled for other ideas, as the group believed the project would be too advanced and unrealistic to promote).

  • Smoking and the young generation

Issue and aim of campaign: To educate children at the age of 7 the implications and issues regarding smoking. This campaign would communicated the damaging affect on young people, as well as questioning why it has not been educated before, as children are taught sexual education.

How to campaign: Images as well as facts, posters, website and possibly t-shirts will be shown to the general public, where the group will see if schools will accept this idea of this new scheme.

Other Campaign Ideas discussed in seminar:

  • Gangs-( Should young people join gangs? )
  • Peer pressure
  • The danger of rare animals not exisitng-( Should we protect endangered animals )
  • Littering-( How to inforce new laws in tackling people who litter )

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