Hungry Hippos Minutes 01-02-11.


Anouk Beijleveld

Katrina McQueen

Kamilija Traskina

Milda Mackeviciute

Natasha Artwell

Dorota Pikul


Debra ? ( nobody of the group had been contacted about her absence).

Ideas for the Key Message:

- Anorexia is unhealthy

- Internet source of anorexia

-Internet encourages anorexia

- Internet progresses anorexia

- internet connects anorexics.

- Phrase about how many people die from anorexia.

- Phrase about how many people are treated for anorexia

- the total number of followers of anorexia blogs/websites.

- the amount of existing anorexia websites + blogs.

- how many anorexics have accessed information of the web.

Made agreements:

Every gathering somebody else makes the minutes and uploads these onto Wikia.

The name of the groups is, for now, The Hungry Hippos. (Mockingly towards the subject).

Things we did:

We continued with the Initial Campaign Strategy. Additional to the things we already had determined we decided:

1) also to speak with nutritions about the effects of anorexia to the body, and what their tactics are when one of their patients become anorexic.

2) We will try to use the statistics about the amount of people who enter anorexic sites as source of our Key Message.

3) We first focus on trying to persuade the UK government to implement a warning before a person can access a site which contains anorexia stimulating information. Our main target will first be the underaged people who seek access to these websites. We want to achieve a general installed warning displaying over the computer screen, saying that the website is not good for underaged persons. Of course, we also hope to reach the people elder than 18 with this general warning, although this is not our main target for now. We first focus on the underaged -- teenage -- people (and their parents). Also to target and write to main internet search engines such as Google and Bing to make these searches for websites/blogs not easily accessable.

Further more:

Anouk has bought the Protester's handbook. Therefore it won't be necessary anymore for any other member of the group to obtain the book, if they not want to.

Next meeting:

Tuesday 8 Februari, during the MCS 1000 seminar.

Things to do:

Natasha will upload the minutes of last week.

Anouk will upload the minutes of this week.

Anouk will upload the Initial Campaign Strategy.

Everybody will have to sign the minutes after they have been posted.

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