The Initial Campaign Strategy is made on Tuesday the 1st of Februari 2011 in the meeting starting at 10.30. Anouk will upload the info on Wikia. Only Debra was absent.

Names of Group Members:

Anouk Beijleveld.

Katrina McQueen.

Kamilija Traskina.

Milda Mackeviciute.

Natasha Anwell.

Dorota Pikul.

Debra ?

Campaign Issue:

accessibility of anorexia-stimulating information.

Aim of Campaign:

Non-accessibility/ restricted accessibility of information stimulating anorexia. (Especially websites)

Key Message of Campaign:

A phrase about the amount of people that enter/view anorexic websites.

Target of Campaign:


Search Engines like Google and Bing.

People who make (the) websites.

Helplines for anorexic people.

Anorexia clinics.

Organisations concerning anorexia (to provide us statistics.)

People and groups to support key message:

See above (target of campaign).

Actions and tactics to achieve aim:

Let an anorexia patient tell her/his story.


letters to politicians.

Shock tactics: pictures.

Statistics about anorexic patients, website visits, age and deaths.

Phrases from specialists, anorexic patients and website builders. (The latter to tell how easy it is to implement a warning before entering a website.) And latter added: phrases and tactics from nutritions about the unhealthiness of anorexia and what they do when one of their patients becomes anorexic.

Resources Needed:

Not yet identified.

AnoukBeijleveldMDX 19:02, February 2, 2011 (UTC)