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Week 17 Minutes

­(Kadilan was met to do this weeks minute, but could not due to illness and personal problems. She has emailed me over the notes so I have just cut and pasted it because I can not remember what we discussed that week.)

Who attended meeting: Egija, Arthur, Rochelle, Kadilan and Jason

Who could not attended the meeting: Ali

What we discussed:

This week we had a guess speaker who spoke to our group about are campaign and how we can make it successful.

· Egija, Jason and Kadilan say they feel that they are more aspects of our campaign that we need to address.

· Egija also say that England should take a leaf out of the French book on the approach they take towards work, i.e people should work less hours so it can be shared between everyone, this could be beneficial as everyone could benefit from having a job and on the other hand still being able spend time with their families.

· Kadilan says that our campaign is a much bigger issue and if we were to have a successful campaign then it would be more of an economically achievement than a self achievement.

· Jason than mentioned that he watched the news and he disagrees with the suggestion that young people of the future do not have to go university to have a good job they can just go straight into work.

· Rochelle thinks that we should go out youth centres and bring our campaign to the public by also going to shopping centres and giving out leaflets and giving cup cake.

· Jason thinks that booklets would also be a good idea.

· Egija says we can also make posters and post them on street billboards and create more awareness that way.

· The group question whether or not this topic can be an active campaign.

· Kadilan says that is possible to have active campaign if we put our ideas all ideas together and put into practice.

· Kadilan and Rochelle suggest that t-shirts with the group logo would be a good idea.

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