• Monday Seminar 4:30
  • Tuesday Seminar 4:00
  • Tuesday Seminar 3:00
Hi Guys,

Thank you all for your fascinating presentations today and last week.

Just to remind you, if you want me to look at your draft please email it to me by Friday 8th April 2011:

Your final deadline for the Campaign Report is 9th May 2011 by 4pm via turn-it-In.

Any qustions, please email me.

Also, if you would like a tutorial with me, book it via email.

There are no seminars tomorrow, you have time to attend and organise the events.

Best, 16:41, April 4, 2011 (UTC)

Aga's GroupsEdit

Aga 4:30 Monday Seminar

Aga 3:00 Tuesday Seminar

Aga 4:00 Tuesday Seminar

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